Bear's BMX & BS

After our brother (Bear's) departure in 2013 we have thought long and hard about how to give back to society and prevent others from going through what he went through. BMX'ng is one of the awesome sports we used to love together. The dream is to keep youth off of drugs and booze, keep them from being idle, get them outside, and fill their time with good fun. 

Bear's BMX & BS (boardshop) specializes in all the top quality brands for Skateboarding, Wakesports, Stand up Paddle and of course BMX. We also carry Cruiser Bikes and Road bikes for those who prefer to ride something different. We carry all the highest quality apparel, outerwear, sunglasses, boots, and goggles. We serve Northern Alberta and the beautiful country of Canada!!

we proudly carry the following brands, click over their names if you'd like more info about them:



Store: 1-780-645-3652

after hours: 1-780-645-1646

address: 4911-50th ave St. Paul Alberta Awesome Country