Skate Park Initiative Update

The Skate Park has been given the green light to start the official fundraising in order to build a new BMX and Skatepark here in St. Paul. Thanks to the Town of St. Paul, Mr. G Ward, and Mr. R. Boisvert, we are now poised to receive funding with tax receipts for all donations. On top of a very generous monetary donation, The Town has also Committed to support with equipment and services to help construct the Park. 

The Initiative still requires some major sponsors and we will be revealing the tiered level approach to recognizing the donors on the skatepark build for the life of the park. Please continue to donate and LIKE the facebook page in the link below. Feel free to share this with any potential donors in our community.

If you have any suggestions for potential donors or you would like to be a part of this initiative please contact the STPSK8 park committee at this email address