Skate Park Initiative

The Skate Park Initiative for St. Paul has started to take off in the right direction. Recent advancements include a preliminary meeting between our Town and Newline Skate parks. Since that meeting Newline has submitted back to the town and myself, a first draft proposal with some model samplings, examples of other parks, and detailed execution steps/stages required to complete the project. 

The Stage we are at now requires more community involvement. Over the next few months it will be important to gather some key members as well as key donors to form a committee that will stick handle the initiative. 

We are looking for some large donations. These large donations will be tax deductible through the town of St. Paul. If you have any suggestions for whom these key supporters will be or want to be one yourself Please contact myself or Kirk at

In the meantime please continue to post and share your thoughts on the Facebook page for the skatepark. SPSK8PRK