Arbor Skateboards Matt Smith Photo Collection

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arbor mattsmith.jpg

Arbor Skateboards Matt Smith Photo Collection


he classic pintail carver, designed for smooth, open–stance skating and maximum push and speed stability.

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– 7 maple plies, with our California Walnut top and bottom

– Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply

– Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products

– Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers

Trucks: Paris Street

Wheels: Arbor Sucrose Initiative – Outlook Series

– Mini-cruiser wheels for around town skating

– Freeride performance for smaller boards

– Core: Momentum – Low profile for a smoother ride

– Formula: Fusion – Performance, durability, reduced petroleum

– *Amber Formula: Thane – Slide and Slip

Bearings: ABEC 5

Risers: Recycled plastic

Grip: Lucid Grip – clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass